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Moving goals and scrubbing the scrubbing the timeline in VR would be a really fast and fun way to work.  I would love to see a toolset like this in Editor VR (of course, Editor VR is still changing and hasn't been integrated into the main build of Unity yet, but I think working in VR has been remarkable!)

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Thanks you very much for your feature request.

First of all, I'm a VR enthusiast as you are so I totally agree with you that this would be fun and maybe faster (depending on the situation). But I'm afraid that bringing the whole UMotion Editor into VR could be a quite challenging and time consuming process (e.g. the UI would need to be completely redone in order to be useful in VR). I do have plans to experiment with animating in VR in the future but I think at the moment, extending the core features of UMotion should have higher priority.

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