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This is very likely related to something I am doing personally, but I cannot seem to figure it out.

Basically I am trying to do my first reload animation and have the ammo clip eject from the gun.  I do this all successfully via the Pose Editor/Clip Animator and it acts as expected.  However when exported and tested via an Animation Controller the ammo clip never actually moves anywhere.

For reference:
The WEAPON is a child object of the RIGHT HAND
The AMMO CLIP is a child object of the WEAPON which is a child of the RIGHT HAND

Image of the Rig Hierarchy & Bone Settings:

Video of the problem:

If anyone can help point me in the right direction it is most appreciated!

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Hi Davey,
thank you very much for your support request.

Is the rig type of your exported *.FBX also configured as "Generic"?

Do you get any warning message shown in the Animator Component?

Any warning/error in the Inspector in the animation tab of your exported *.FBX?

What happens if you open Unity's animation window and select your animated model (in the scene). Does the animation play correctly in the animation window? Does the "cylinder" transform have correct animation curves?

Best regards,
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1 - Yes, the exported rig type is configured as 'Generic'.
2 - No warning messages in the Animator Component.
3 - No warnings in the Inspector (Animation or Rig) tab.
4 - The "cylinder" does NOT work in Unity's animation window, nor in-game as an Anim Controller.
*It *only* works when played in the uMotion Clip Editor.
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Thanks for your answers. I think the fastest way to trace this down would be if you create a new Untiy Project that includes:

  1. The animated GameObject (hands + revolver)
  2. The exported *.FBX
  3. The UMotion Project file
Please *.zip the project and send it to me via the email support form.

That would make it easier for me to assist you on this one :-) 

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Just exported the project and submitted - thanks for the prompt responses!  Cannot wait to learn what is causing this!
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Thanks for sending me the project. The problem is that you have two transforms with the same name in your model's hierarchy. There is a bone named "Root" at the top of your hierarchy and another one deeper down the hierarchy (a child of the "Revolver" transform). This is OK within Unity and is also OK if you export your animation as *.anim.

But if you export the animation as *.FBX then Unity renames the second "Root" bone to "Root 1" when it imports the *.FBX (the *.FBX contains the correct name though). You can see this if you open the animation with Unity's Animation window and scroll down to the Revolver's transform:

Blender is doing the same, so I guess other applications will do so too. I was unaware of this behavior and will make sure that UMotion will correctly deal with this in the next update.

Now to solve that issue, I recommend that you rename your revolver's "Root" transform to "Root 1". Then close UMotion and open your UMotion Project *.asset file with a text editor (asset serialization mode must be "Force Text" in the Unity editor settings). Search for "Root" and replace the second occurrence with "Root 1". Save the file.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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