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The video shows the problem clearly. Notice that at certain parts the bones don't move and the curves are flat. The preview shows that perfectly. However when exported, the bones do not stay still. They sort of interpolate and there are major motion in places they should be stationary. Video of problem

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Hi Coverpage,
thank you very much for your support request.

Please try the following:

  1. Create an empty Unity Project.
  2. Install UMotion Pro.
  3. Copy the UMotion Project into the new project.
  4. Copy the "Dad" character into your project.
  5. Create a scene with just your dad character in it.
  6. Export the animation from the UMotion project and try to play it on the dad character.

Is the problem also happening now? If yes, please *.zip that project and send it to me via the email support form. If the problem does not occur in this case, try to find what's different between the "isolated" scene and your project. Maybe some scripts are involved or something is configured differently.

Best regards,

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