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Hi Peter,

I'm trying to use uMotion's constrain feature to create a fingers controller, but found it a bit difficult with current functions. Here is what I encountered:

I selected all five fingers' 15 bones (3 for each) as driven transforms. Then I found the thumb need to be rotated in a different direction from the other fingers (thumb is y and others are z axis), thus I can't build all five fingers in one constrain.

That's fine, I can let the thumb alone, but then I found each joint of a finger needs different bending angle: closer to the finger tip should bend less to form a holding hand shape rather than a solid fist.

And, different fingers should bend differently like the little finger only need to bend a little to form a circle with the same radius as a much more bent mid-finger.

So an overall channel and overall scaling is not enough to make a decent controller in my test, I think adding a weight value for each transform can solve this : the weight can be -1 to 1 and the final results can multiply with it's weight and the overall scaling before applying. Then I can set different weight for different fingers or other transforms.

Above this, I think you really should let us use custom properties as a constrain's channel, if all the driven transforms have a constrain custom property with the same name, the property can be shown in the channel dropdown, and we can select it as a driven channel and let the upper constrain to drive them, thus we can create a controller with different controlling channels.

The last one can also be achieved by giving the ability to choose a specific channel for each transform.

That's all of my thoughts right now, what do you think? :)



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Hi Jason,

thank you very much for the detailed description of your current situation and your thoughts about how UMotion can be improved to overcome the current limits.

Basically the direction I want to go is to add the Muscle Groups feature mentioned on the Road Map as it will cover your use case and will work out of the box (as you already noticed, setting up such a controller manually can get quite complicated).

Anyway, I'm currently working on an improvement of the "Custom Property Constraint" and if I have some time left I will take a look at the "Custom Prop." controls another "Custom Prop." thing. I'm not sure if the current design can be changes to support that without the need to rewrite too much code. What you described with "weighting" is already possible but only per "Custom Property Constraint" by using the scaling parameters. So in the future it might be possible that you create a "Custom Property Constraint" per phalanx (with individual weighting done through the scaling parameters) and then use a "Master Custom Property" that controls all of them.

Best regards,


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