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I have encounter two issues with exporting to FBX, with animation everything works well.  

1) In some projects the export crashes or hangs the unity editor forever. Doesn't happen in an empty project. with just Umotion.

2) Some animations in the FBX has weird rotations when a curve is set to euler angles (Gimbal lock). It doesn't happen in the clip editor, just when exporting. If I export to ANIM everything works well.

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Hi Cesar,
thank you very much for your bug reports.

  1. When it crashes, you mean that Unity closes without any error message? What operating system are you using? Could you send me an example project via the email support form with a step by step guide on how to reproduce this issue, please?
  2. FBX is always using euler under the hood. But the rotation order (the order which the rotation is applied to the x, y, z axis) can be different in FBX than in Unity. So it can happen that one angle causes a gimbal lock in the FBX but not in the *.ANIM. Anyway, if you want you can send me an empty project with just your character, the UMotion file and the *.FBX file and I can take a look to verify this.
Best regards,

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