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I find it very useful to add a soft body system in Umotion Pro, I was seeing a feature that manages to do this perfectly, but the problem is:

He just does it, nothing more.

since Umotion Pro already does a lot of things, why not add a soft body system, so there's no need to buy any additional assets.

Do you think that by 2020 the Umotion Pro can have a soft body system?


- Emanuel Messias, R.d.S A.K.A MiniDarkOF
Brazil, São Paulo

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Hi MiniDarkOF,
thank you very much for your feature request. I'm always glad to hear new ideas.

What you can probably already do is using UMotion's callback mechanism (see "Pose Editor / Options / Extending UMotion" in the manual) to include the functionality of that asset you are talking about into UMotion. You can define a method's name that should be triggered on components that are applied to your character every time UMotion re-calculated the pose of the character.

Depending on how often a soft body system will be requested in the future, something like this might be implemented. I can't make any promises as of right now, though.

Best regards,

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