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Hi Peter,

Before purchasing your product, I'd like to make sure of something. It states in the description that the overhead of UMotion is low. Is that also the case when dealing with third-party mocap animations? The FBX files obtained through IKinema (30-40seconds long) completely freeze up my PC when trying to edit the animation in Unity's Animation window.

Will I have better success with UMotion for editing semi-large mocap files?


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Hi Maarten,
thank you very much for your support request. I'm sorry for the late reply, there have been some technical issues with the support forum that are fixed now.

UMotion Pro's Clip Editor is implemented more efficiently than Unity's default Animation Window. Animations of 30-40 seconds length can be easily handled on a modern days computer. Just make sure to not display too much key frames at once (play with the zoom) as Unity's GUI system is not the fastest and can reduce performance. But if you're working on a reasonable zoom, that's usually nothing you have to worry about.

Will I have better success with UMotion for editing semi-large mocap files?

One amazing feature is "additive animation layers". That will allow you to add animations on top of your mocap file without the need to touch any existing key frame. This has the advantage of not having to manipulate dozens of existing keys, it's also an incredible performance benefit while editing the animation as none of the existing keys needs to be displayed.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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