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Hello Again,

--- QUESTION #1 ---

I'm want to know how to create Trasitions Between Animations, For Example:
The Player is collecting a item (collect item animation) but a monster appears, so player needs to attack him
(attack animation), but i want a "trasition" between the "collect item" and "attack" animations, so i want to interrupt the collect item animation to start the attack animation, but in a smooth way...

What I meant by "smooth way"
(so in this example, I want him to raise from the collecting position, take his sword and attack the monster, instead of just switching from animation to another, it would seem strange... as if he cut from one animation to another.)

--- QUESTION #2 ---
Now I want to know if i can create loop animations, a "player walking animation" for example
Emanuel Messias, R.d.S - A.K.A MiniDarkOF
Brazil, Sâo Paulo

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Hi Emanuel,
I'm really sorry for the late reply. We had technical issues with the support forum that are fixed now.

You can create animation transitions using Unity's Animator Controller: https://unity3d.com/de/learn/tutorials/topics/animation/animator-component?playlist=17099

Yes you can create loop animations. Just make sure to enable the "Loop" flag in the Clip Settings. To preview if an animation loops nicely, click on the "Loop" icon in the lower right of the Clip Editor. This button only affects the preview within UMotion, use the "Loop" flag in the Clip Settings if you want the exported animation to be looped.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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