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Hello everyone,

I'm using umotion community and it's simple and great to use to create new anims.

I have a question though, I can't seem to select the face parts of the 3d model, only the head as a whole.

I get the following message when trying to select the jaw : "the selected bone/transform is locked". Is this an issue with the model, or umotion version (not being the PRO version, but the community)?


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Hi alimpo83,
thank you very much for your support request.

When your model is of type "humanoid", only bones that are mapped to a human bone in the humanoid avatar are editable by default. You can check your humanoid avatar by selecting your model in Unity's project window, then in the Inspector, switch into the "Rig" tab and click on the "Configure..." button.

You can also animate non humanoid bones inside UMotion, but be aware that these will not be re-targeted when the animation is played on a different character. To make generic bones visible in UMotion, switchi into "Config Mode", select the bones you want to get visible in the "Hierarchy". Under the "Properties" tab, set "Visibility" to "Show". This works with UMotion Community and UMotion Pro.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
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Thanks, It worked like a charm!

For being able to open external animations, only with PRO version right?
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Glad that it worked.

Yes, external animations can only be edited with UMotion Pro.

Best regards,

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