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Hi please When i convert Humanoid animation to legacy or generic some rotation animation and something wrong not exatly the same on humanoid.

  1. Duplicate the legacy model
  2. Change the animation type of the duplicated model to "humanoid"
  3. Drag & drop the humanoid animation into the Animation Converter
  4. Drag & drop the duplicated humanoid model into the "Input" field
  5. Drag & drop the original legacy model into the "Output" field

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thank you very much for your support request.

Can you provide an empty Unity project that includes everything I need to reproduce your problem:

  1. Your model configured as humanoid and as legacy
    (You can send the model without textures if you want)
  2. The animation you want to convert
  3. The animation converter
  4. The converted animation
  5. Please don't include anything else (file size is limited when sent via email)

Please *.zip the project and send it to me via the email support form.

Best regards,

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Thank you very much for sending me the requested files. I have been able to convert the animations correctly. Here is what I did:

I used Unity 2017.4 for all my tests.

  1.  I duplicated "adventurer01" and configured "adventure01" as legacy and the duplicated version "adventure02" as humanoid.
  2. I opened the animation converter, and dragged both animation clips into the animation converter.
  3. I dragged "adventurer01" into the "Output" field and "adventurer02" into the input field.
  4. Pressed convert

I selected the converted animation in Unity's Project window. I then dragged & dropped "aventurer01" into the preview window to preview the animation. The animation plays correctly. If you want your root motion to baked correctly into your animations, make sure to enable all the "Bake Into Pose" settings in the Inspector of "MaxDancing-Run(humanoid).anim" and "MaxFall-BackScene(humanoid).anim".

I've also sent you an email with the converted animation clips.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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Thank You ssoo much for your help :) your great the thing "back into pose" that i forget  thank you for you help :)

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