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I am creating an animation using umotion (specifically a digging animation) and have run into an issue. When I was creating the animation I got it all working fine and it looks fine however when I export the animation and get it to run in play mode, the lower body becomes all twisted and contorted and I have no idea why.This is how it looks during edit mode.This is how it looks during play mode.

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Hi Will,
thank you very much for your support request.

This looks like a problem related to the humanoid animation system. Probably the humanoid avatar isn't setup correctly or the rig is in some way "exotic" and thus causes some problems when the humanoid animation is created during export.

Do other humanoid animations (for example the "WalkRM.anim" that can be found under "UMotion Examples/Exported Animations") play correctly on your model? If yes - could you send me a small Unity project that includes just everything I need to reproduce your issue via the email support form. You can send your models without textures if you want.

Best regards,

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