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At time 1,

I want to keep the root in place, and pull the foot forward.  No problem, use IK.  Perfect

But then at time 2,

I want to keep the foot in place, and pull the root forward.  That is easy to do using pinning.

But - can I do "both" ??  Can I use IK on the foot to create the pose at keyframe 1, but then use pinning on the foot at keyframe 2?


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thank you very much for your support request.

The IK Pinning state can be "keyed" like any other property. So on frame 1, you can create a key where IK Pinning is off and on frame 2 you can create a key where IK Pinning is on.

I highly recommend watching the following two video tutorials when using the IK Pinning feature, as there are some special things you need to consider:
UMotion Tutorial - Child-Of Constraint  (the IK Pinning feature uses the Child-Of constraint in the background)
UMotion Tutorial - IK Pinning

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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Ahh - fantastic.

It makes perfect sense, thanks.  Perhaps it's worth mentioning this concept in the manual or a tutorial.

* I definitely watched those two outstanding videos many times, thanks!

* In the videos it asks for suggestions on more videos, I surely have a suggestion:

* For full body humanoids, it would be great to have a Soxware tutorial on four basics,

- walk cycle

- feet-together big jump (a great example of the issue I ask above, and always a challenge to animate in different software suites)

- idle cycle (great example of pinning feet)

- one typical trigger ("punch" etc)

IMO those would cover most/many techniques needed

thanks again
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Thanks for your suggestions. Consider them as noted.

Best regards,

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