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The "Layers" feature is totally amazing.

It's just .. amazing.



In the example move and lean are my extra layers.

I was wondering, in the future would it be possible to add a Mute-like function to the main layer, so that: (during editing) I can examine and work on only move or lean alone.

(It could be a button titled "solo" or "work" on the move/lean layers, or, perhaps a "hide" button on the Main layer.)

In this way I could perfect move/lean on their own independently

(I realize "Mute" actually affects the final ripped animation. So it would probably be a technical problem to "Mute" the main layer?)

The layers feature is Amazing - totally amazing!

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thanks for your feature request.

Muting the main layer won't make much sense when working with "additive" layers as in your example. "Additive" layers add changes to the main layer. If the main layer is muted, you would see a very weird pose as the additive layer is just a "difference to the main layer". Hope this makes sense.

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"If the main layer is muted, you would see a very weird pose.."

Ah, makes perfect sense now.  Thanks

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