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For anyone googling here, here is the exact procedure!

1. in ClipEditor have your project file loaded and select the animation you want to experiment with (perhaps "duplicate" a current one), in PoseEditor have the game object loaded.

2. in PoseEditor go to ConfigMode and click IKSetupWizard.  (Review basics of steup in tutorial videos as needed.)

3. in IKSetupWizard you need only the hands and feet, not a custom item.

4.  Important  In IKSetupWizard you must select IKHandle for TargetRotation.  (For "Reference" item, you probably want "FKPose". "PoleTarget" leave off. All else fine.)

5. Still in PoseEditor-ConfigMode you will see the four  IK_  items in bright green.  (Tip, ExpandAll to make it easier to find.)

6. In the PoseEditor you must now change to PoseMode.

7. Now in the ClipEditor. In the long list find IK_Foot_R:IK Pinning  Be aware there is now a whole set of "IK_Foot_R ..." items, you only want "Pinning".  And then ...

8. Now in the PoseEditor-PoseMode. At the bottom Display, use the RigLayer "FK" and "IK" buttons to see the two different poses.  in IK, the position of the right foot will likely be just the bind pose ("how the modeler made it").  But in FK it will be as you actually want it in this anime you are working on.

8. Now in the PoseEditor (must be in PoseMode). It's very likely that you want the position of the right foot to be "as you see it" in the anime you are working on. Look at Tools, top section.  Simply click "Set IK to FK".  That will move the IK foot to where you have it in the anime.

8B. You've done the right foot, you need to do all feet and hands. Look in the long ClipEditor list where you found IK_Foot_R:IK Pinning  Find the other three Pinning items. Once again in PoseEditor-PoseMode, you will likely want to click "Set IK to FK" for all four.

9.  Important  Next, how to actually turn on pinning. Again click on IK_Foot_R:IK Pinning in ClipEditor. Look at PoseEditor, look at Channels. (1) Turn on IK Pinned and (2) set the slider at the top to 1.0.

9B. For all four of the Pinning items in the ClipEditor list, so that -  (1) Turn on IK Pinned and (2) set the slider at the top to 1.0.

11. You're done: go to PoseEditor-PoseMode. In the ClipEditor, simply choose the Pelvis Position - and wiggle it around.  Fantastic!  (This is how you, general example, crouch before a jump.) Same, you can choose Pelvis Rotation and the character will "wiggle", keeping the feet/hands in place.


- - - - -

There were two questions recently about doing "hip moves" but keeping the feet (and perhaps hands) in place, so "wiggling" the hips

>"When using the IK Setup Wizard, setup a Custom IK chain for your spine bones (try to only use 2 bones, as this is what the IK solver is optimized for). Make sure that you enable "Pinning" for the Custom IK Then in Pose Mode, turn the FK/IK blend channel of every IK target to 1 (= IK) and tick "Pinned". When moving the hips, your head and feet will stay in place now."

I'm afraid I'm struggling .. Should I turn off the hands/feet and make a custom one?  Or does the humanIK panel not even apply if you use the custom one?  With the channels, they should ALL be 1, even the LocalX/Y/Z ?  Hopefully my dumbness helps others  :)

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thanks for reaching out.

You only need a spine solver if you would like to pin the end of the spine. If you want to wiggle the hips and keep the foot/hand position, just set "IK Pinned" to true for the feet/hands.

Or does the humanIK panel not even apply if you use the custom one? 

The IK wizard will create all IK chains that you defined in the "Human IK" AND in the "Custom IK".

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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Incredible.  I THINK I've got it.

I did type in a "step by step" essay in the question, maybe it will help anyone googling here.

Perhaps it is worth "The Expert" checking my work there!  

Amazing software thanks ....

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