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Window -> UMotion Editor -> Clip Editor


Window -> UMotion Editor -> Pose Editor

it would be great to add:
"Open Both"
I've never opened "only one", every time I have to click both  :)  Thanks

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thank you very much for your feature request. I really appreciate that.

While I agree that this might save you a click or two, it might confuse new users as it adds redundancy to the menu items. Users might think if there is any difference if they open UMotion using "Open Both" or the separate "Clip Editor / Pose Editor".

With this script you can add that menu item to your personal UMotion installation. Create a script named "OpenBothMenuItem.cs" in the "Editor Default Resources/UMotionEditor/Scripts/Editor" folder and copy the following code into it:

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
namespace UMotionEditor
    public class OpenBothMenuItem
        [MenuItem("Window/UMotion Editor/Open Both")]
        private static void OpenBoth()
            EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("Window/UMotion Editor/Clip Editor");
            EditorApplication.ExecuteMenuItem("Window/UMotion Editor/Pose Editor");

Best regards,

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All understood, thanks for the incredibly quick responses

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