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I bought uMotion today and so far I've been pulling my hair off trying to select bones :(

A little bit like this post :


Except I could never select them even once...

I'm using Unity 2018.2.7f1 on a Windows 10 computer. uMotion version is 1.15p02 EVerything goes smoothly, I open the uMotion interface, drag my model into the pose editor, my animation into the timeline, generate an IK rig, and my character takes the pose correctly. I can also run the animation with no issues. But when I try to select either a bone or IK handle, nothing happens, no matter the ik/fk slider configuration. Changing from IK to FK (Edit > Conversion) also did not change anything...

At first I thought it was conflicting with Final IK so I tried on a new project, again without result. Same for trhing t select them from thhe Clip Editor

I should also mention that I also tried multiple times to reproduce the exact steps displayed on tutorial videos

I'm a bit lost and help would be greatly appreciated :)

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Hello Willy,
thank you very much for your support request.

I'm sorry to hear that you are discovering problems selecting bones. This might be related either due to a conflict with another asset, a package (from the package manager) or some settings in the editor.

Do you get this problem also when you create an empty Unity project and import UMotion there?

If yes - Please *.zip the whole project and send it to me via the email support form. I'm going to reproduce the issue on my PC and let you know as soon as I found the cause.

If no - Duplicate the project where it is not working, then start to remove other assets and packages that might cause this conflict one after another. Every time you removed something, try if selecting bones works now. The last thing you've removed before everything works again, should be the one that's causing the issue. Please let me know what you've found out, I will then again reproduce this on my PC and implement a fix.

Best regards,

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OP, can you select by clicking on the list in ClipEditor ???

(One problem I had as a new user, the "boxes" showing IK handles were so big I could not click through to bones. This was very confusing. I made a simpler project with only a standard model (no IK handles etc) and only then figured out what was going on.)

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