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I have a problem with the hands, the animation (humanoid rig) in uMotion looks good but when I export it, the hands flicker when the animation loops. I have the IK enabled in the animator, but it doesnt help, I also have Loop Pose enabled on the animation clip. Any ideas?

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thanks for your support request.

Probably the animator isn't playing the animation to it's very end (because of the settings of the animation state)? When you select your animation in Unity's Project Window, does the animation loop correctly in the "Preview Window" shown in the Inspector?

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No, I can see the problem in the preview animation window as well as in-game, it only works good when I preview the animation in umotion.

What I see is the left hand moving left and then right, which is not visible in umotion at all, its just moving left and right really quick at the end of the animation and somewhere in the middle.
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May I ask you to send me an empty Unity project that includes just everything I need to reproduce this issue and further investigate via the email support form?

Thank you very much.

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