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In one of the older post, you mentioned that a user should not manipulate the first properties on the animated properties ( root position & rotation) . If I want to make a breathing or floating animation that require the character to move part or the whole of its body up and down, what would be the correct approach?

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Hi kenyon,
thank you very much for reaching out.

If I recall correctly, in that old post we were talking about "generic" animations. In "generic" animations, the first animated properties are the characters world space position, rotation and scale. If you animate these properties in your animation, they can't be changed via script anymore (as the Animator is executed after the Update() method, thus overwriting the values written by script in the Update() method). Using a different animated property to move the character up/down to simulate breathing e.g. something like the "hips" of your character is the recommended way in this case.

For animations of type "humanoid", you are free to change the first animated properties (which already are the "hips" properties).

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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