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Hi team! is there a way to do this:

Imagine Kyle standing there:
I want to move his HIPS, say, 6-8 inches to the left. But his feet will stay in place. And his head will stay in place. But his HIPS will move to the left (making a sort of "bow" shape .. much like say when dancing).

Indeed, his head would have to move down somewhat to do what I describe it could not stay at the identical altitude

Is this possible with IK ?
Of course I can do it "manually", I'm wondering if IK can help here? Thanks! :)

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thank you very much for your support request.

Yes this is possible. When using the IK Setup Wizard, setup a Custom IK chain for your spine bones (try to only use 2 bones, as this is what the IK solver is optimized for). Make sure that you enable "Pinning" for the Custom IK.

Then in Pose Mode, turn the FK/IK blend channel of every IK target to 1 (= IK) and tick "Pinned". When moving the hips, your head and feet will stay in place now.

For more information, please press the black info button in the Custom IK panel of the IK Setup Wizard and/or take a look at this IK video tutorial: UMotion Pro - Inverse Kinematics

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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