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First of all English was not primary language hope you can understand and won't piss off.

Thanks for this great tool. It work and do what I wanted and I need a feature for faster workflow.

I had lots of humanoid characters with interacting each other. This involves 2 or more chars get together, so positioning each other was important.

UMotion handles one character / one anim file at a moment. However switching between them was takes lots of time.

Also I have to put character in a pose, so clone locked umotion character, hide original mode, move character scene remve this remove that.

At end, I spend more time to on off characters than spending time with animation. Seriously...

So what need is. Stacking umotion files with locked chars and positions.

Let say 2 people talk in couch. first char a doing someting then click a button. while currect character locked that frame position. now I switched another character handle the animations / Posing. then switch to first character handle another animation. 

Probably handling n characters was better.

I'm not so sure that was easy to add or feasible for you. 

Ideas coming with put an option a umotion.anim file for preferred character mesh. When umotion file loaded umotion will try to load prefered character. 

Also another frame froze script with attachet to character will receive key information from umotion to stay requested frame position

And a list for animation files for next prev jumps.

My Humble Regards

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thank you very much for your feature requests.

Editing multiple animations that interact with each other would require some serious changes to UMotion's core architecture. I have that written down on my list with feature ideas, but it's currently not planned in the near future.

What might simplify your workflow is using Unity Timeline and synchronize UMotion with it (using the "Sync" button). This way you can preview multiple animations at the same time. You can only edit one of the animations within UMotion, though. Take a look at this video to learn more about timeline editing: https://youtu.be/hTcPmoED7Ss

Ideas coming with put an option a umotion.anim file for preferred character mesh. When umotion file loaded umotion will try to load prefered character. 

This is technically not possible as *.asset files (= the umotion project file) can't refer to scene objects. Using the name to address the GameObject would be technically possible, but not practical as names can be duplicated or changed...

Also another frame froze script with attachet to character will receive key information from umotion to stay requested frame position

When you want to use UMotion to pose a character (and the character should keep that pose in the scene), just drag&drop the character from Unity's Hierarchy window to Unity's Project Window. This will create a prefab of it's current pose. In the prefab, remove the UMotion Lock component. Then place it into your scene.

Furthermore extending UMotion can be done with the callback system (see UMotion Manual: Pose Editor / Options / Extending UMotion).

Best regards,

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Hello thanks for reply. Probably I can't explain myself well. So I have to retry (sorry to bothering you)

I do not want to edit two animations same time. I just find to way to fast switching between multiple animation files.

Yes I can froze a character and I'm already doing this way and this way switching between characters takes more time than creating animation it self. 

Let say I had 5 poses for char a and 5 for char b. 

Lets look work flow.

  1. Create anim file, 
  2. move character into pose editor. 
  3. setup this that.
  4. create pose 
  5. Make froze clone
  6. clear pose editor. 
  7. select char from hieracy, 
  8. clear prefab link, 
  9. hide actual char. 
  10. go project, click frose
  11. remove umotion froze script
  12. rename char
  13. move to screen
Go second char
Create anim file, 
  1. move character into pose editor. 
  2. setup this that.
  3. create pose 
  4. Make froze clone
  5. clear pose editor. 
  6. select char from hieracy, 
  7. clear prefab link, 
  8. hide actual char. 
  9. go project, click frose
  10. remove umotion froze script
  11. rename char
  12. move to screen
Then go back to char a step one skip to 3 then continue. I need 5 frozes for each character it was long and painful. And I'm working this way and unless you make solution I will work this way.
Look man your umotion was best I ever try. I'm happy to use it. I don't want to be a pain to you, however this pipeline was takes to much time. Yes I know much better than anything available on the asset store.
And if I got that update my animation production rate grow at least 3 to 5 fold.
Proposed work flow.
  1. Create new anim file for char a
  2. Load char a to pose, 
  3. set as default char anim file.
  4. Put froze state (unload anim file and char was stay last selected frame)
  5. Create new anim file for char b
  6. Load char b to pose 
  7. set as default char for anim b file
  8. Put froze state
  9. Load char a anim file, 
  10. make animation 
  11. put froze state
  12. Load char b amim file, 
  13. make animation compatible to char a froze
  14. put char b froze state
  15. switch to anim a
  16. create next anim file which compatible with char b anim 1
etc etc.
PS: About loading default chars. When umotion does not found default character, it shows an dialogue (just like when did not found some bones or blendshapes) and continues whith empty default character...
Also I know doing things whithout getting paid was not pleasant. I just want to share my idea and this point of my life I was only think I can do for now. 
My Humble Regards
PS2: Also I will check the time line thanks again.
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I think Unity Timeline is exactly what you are looking for. Let me explain this in more detail:

With Unity Timeline, you can play the animation of multiple characters at the same time. It's designed for cut-scenes and the like. So if you have a scene where multiple characters interact with each other you would do something like that:

  1. Place the characters in your scene.
  2. Create UMotion projects for each of your character that you want to animate with UMotion.
  3. Create the first Pose for the characters and export it as *.anim.
  4. Now create a new Unity Timeline sequence, create an animation track for every character and put the *.anim files of them in there.
Now everything is setup. You can start extending your animations. This is how you can switch between the animations:
  1. Open the UMotion project of the character you want to animate (use the File --> Recently Opened Projects for faster switching).
  2. Select the animation clip in Unity Timeline that you want to edit then in UMotion's Timeline Editor you can click on "Sync --> Timeline --> Edit Selected Clip". 

UMotion will automatically apply the character to the Pose Editor and opens the correct clip (if your project has multiple clips). Furthermore Unity Timeline and UMotion are now synchronized. So if you move the frame cursor in UMotion, it will update in Timeline thus all the animations that you have in your Timeline will be automatically played so you can preview how your UMotion animation will interact with the other animations. That means you don't need to "freeze" your animations anymore like you did it in the past :-)

Here are Unity's official tutorials about Unity Timeline:

 And here is a video of UMotion syncing with Timeline (the same as I posted before):

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,

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