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I've created an idle animation for a  first person shooter where first person hands are holding a shotgun with both hands. The animation is of type "generic". When I export the animation and play it in game, it looks different to how it looked in UMotion (the left hand is slightly off the original position, thus not holding the shotgun correctly).

What can be the reason for this difference?


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thank you very much for your support request.

Make sure that your animation has keys for all your bones/transforms of your model (explanation below).

There is one exception though: Don't create keys for the global position/rotation/scale which is the first animated property in the animated property list of the Clip Editor. Otherwise you can't change the position/rotation/scale of your game object via script anymore as it's driven by the animation now.

Why key framing everything is necessary:

If you don't have any keys for some bones/transforms, no animation curve will be exported for them by UMotion. That means that the Animation or Animator component that plays the animation later on in game won't touch these bones (it will use the position/rotation/scale these bones currently have in your scene).

Bones/transforms that have no keys in UMotion are always set to there position/rotation/scale stored in the "reference pose". By default, the "reference pose" is the pose your game object had when it has been first applied to your UMotion project. The "reference pose" is thus applied to new (empty) animation clips and can be changed from within the config mode.

The "reference pose" thus can be different to the starting pose of your game object when the animation is played in game. Thus for bones without animation curves the pose can be different in game compared to UMotion. Ensuring that there are keys for all your bones/transforms will avoid this discrepancy.

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Thank you very much. Creating the missing keys indeed fixed the problem.

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