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I have an animation from blender where the player is lying on his back, he has a breathing animation and his legs and hands are not moving at all when I preview the animation in blender. After this, I import it inside unity and I get a weird problem - the feet and hands are moving up and down as the player is breathing. I tried to import the animation in uMotion to investigate what is going on and delete any redundant keyframes, but I found out that the animation is looking exactly like in Blender - no hands/feet movement, but when I export - the problem is back, there is movement on the feet and hands, I also tried setting interpolation mode to constant but didnt work.

My question is how to export it properly so there isnt any movement on the feet and hands?

EDIT: I was looking at the animation preview window and it showed that movement incorrectly, in-game the movement is gone, when I export the animation from uMotion. I am still confused why though.

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Hi skinwalker,
thank you for your support request.

I guess you are using humanoid? I'm only guessing but it's probably related to the Animator's IK feature. You can enable/disable that feature in the Animation Preview window by clicking on the IK button. When importing the animation into UMotion, you can enable/disable Animator IK in the import settings dialog. When playing the animation at runtime, IK is disabled by default (needs to be enabled via script and via a setting in the Animator Controller).

So probably this discrepancy explains why it looks correct in some parts of Unity/UMotion but does not in others (depending on IK being enabled or not).

More information about that Animator IK feature can be found in this blog post about Mecanim Humanois: https://blogs.unity3d.com/2014/05/26/mecanim-humanoids/

If you want your animations to be always played exactly like you've created them, use generic instead of humanoid. This also gives you a little performance boost in-game.

Best regards,

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I tried pressing that IK button in the preview window and it didnt work, well Im happy that uMotion fixed the IK problem.

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