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In readmy i write: Model was animated in UmotionPro. Umotion project file is included-so if you have it-you can change animations: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/umotion-pro-animation-editor-95991

Is everything OK with this wording?

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Hi KumaBeer,
thanks for your support request.

Yes you can add the UMotion project file to your model that you want to sell via the Asset Store. Just make sure that you mention that UMotion Pro is required to open that file. Name that file in a way that it's clear to the users that this is a UMotion project (e.g. "umotion_tiger.asset") or place it in a folder named something like "UMotion Project Files". Also make sure that you include the animation as *.anim or *.fbx in order to allow users without UMotion Pro to use it.

Please let me know in case the Asset Store rejects your package during their review.

Best regards,
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Thank you very much! I will do it.

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