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I've created a few animations of my character sat down doing some idle movements, the animations export fine. However when I add them to the animation controller and play my game the character vanishes but the position never chances and the tool pivot still shows in the editor and the console spams invalid AABB errors until I stop the game. On some of the animations the console throws Rigidbody.WritePose errors with no stack trace or source?

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thanks for your support request.

Are you playing a "generic" animation on a "humandoid" character? Or are you playing a "generic" animation on a different character then the one it was created for?

Have you set the "isKinematic" flag of the Rigidbody to true so that the Physics engine won't control your character?

Invalid AABB means that the bounding box can't be correctly calculated. Probably the scaling of your character is something like 0,0,0?

Please check if you can play the animation on your character without any additional components. Then start adding the previously used components step by step and see when the problem starts to occur again.

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