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I've added an IK constraint to Kyle's wrist, which in fact has four (4) length,

This works perfectly with the rotate plane solver, perfectly smooth:

Regarding the chain of four joints, it would be great if I could weight the solver.

Let's say .. In the example image I would like the ribs to bend only a little when that's possible

(let's say, 5% rather than 25% of the solution, where possible)

Is this possible?

(If no: I guess I would manually lean the ribs a little as one key, and use the IK hand as another key?  Maybe there is another workaround like attaching some sort of target to the ribs or?)

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Hi Fattie,
thanks for your support request.

Assigning weights to IK chain members is not possible (and would probably not generate good results with the IK algorithm being used). I would recommend using only 2 bones (the two of the arm) for the IK chain and animating the other bones manually. This should generate better results (as you have more control over the result).

If you want to do some kind of "full body IK" I would recommend that you use an existing Full Body IK solution (like Final IK or similar) and use UMotion's callback system to integrate that functionality into UMotion. For more information please check out the manual at "Pose Editor / Options / Extending UMotion".

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,
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Fantastic, totally understood - thank you!

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