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I hate to ask a possibly very newbie question..   Example 1, Idle Kyle,

I have been adding to the Idle animation (so, I am moving the legs, neck, etc)

I cannot animate the "hip" ..

it is "locked".

How to unlock, or, what is my misunderstanding?

{ ** To save time I will explain what I was trying to do. I am having him "shift his weight": so: the left foot comes up a little (ie: knee and thigh bend) but ideally his hip should rotate/move (to the left) and his ribs (to the right).  So the whole body "bows" a little to the left.}

{I guess: it is better to do a "weight shift" using the IK system. Which I have not used yet  :-)  But anyway, why/how is Kyle's hip locked in Example 1 ?}

Thanks, UMotion!!  -Fattie

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Hi Fattie,
thank you very much for your support request.

Humanoid characters map certain bones to human body parts using the "humanoid avatar". In the case of Robot Kyle, the "Root" bone is mapped to the "Hips" body part. The "Hips" bone is not mapped to any human body part in the humanoid avatar, thus locked.

So if you want to animate the hips, animate the bone called "Root".

Best regards,

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Got it, thanks ..
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maybe I'm missing something, but animating the hip and animating the root results in two very different things.

If I rotate the hips (in config mode) upper body will not move.

If I rotate root everything will follow along
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The humanoid avatar needs to have a bone applied to the "Hips" role that is a parent for all the upper and lower body bones. So the bone applied to the "Hips" role in the avatar can't be the bone that is named "hip" of the character model, as that bone wouldn't be a parent of the lower body.

This is what would happen if you try to use the "Hip" transform as "Hips" role.

In a humanoid animation, you can only animate bones that are applied to the predefined roles. This mapping is done by the humanoid avatar.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

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