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When I use the copy to other side function with something at the 0 coordinate, it appears to randomly wrap up to 360. But the rotation tool shows the proper number the graph shows what is actualy happening. This causes the apendage to randomly freak out and spin violently for single frames. 

Is this an auto wrap feature I can disable? Or is there an easy way to fix all the frames at once?

The original 


The Copy


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Hi Splosion,
thank you very much for your support request.

Using euler angles you can define the same orientation in an unlimited number of ways:

  • x degrees
  • x degrees + 360°
  • x degrees + 360° + 360°
  • x degrees - 360°
  • ...

While the orientation you see in 3D space is the same, the way it gets to this orientation is not. Depending on the previous keys UMotion should choose the correct angle so that the motion is contiguous. As this is not happening in your case, this seems to be a bug. Can you provide me a small example project (and a short step-by-step instruction) that allows me to reproduce your situation? You can email me the example via the email support form. This way you can also request a Dropbox link to upload your content (if it exceeds the email form size).

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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Hi Splosion,
I received your repo project, thank you very much.

Thanks to your detailed step-by-step instruction I've been able to find and fix the issue. The fix will ship with the next UMotion patch release (V1.14p01).

Best regards,

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