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Will there be a Timeline integration? So far it is hard to make animations for cinematics this way. It is hard to sync different animations, interactions and generally not intuitive compared to maya, cinema4d, sfm, etc.

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I just wanted to provide a quick update on this topic. Since UMotion V1.08 editing animation clips used in a Unity Timeline sequence is now officially supported by UMotion.

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Hi Nicholas,

thank you very much for your feature request. At the moment, you have to create an animation in UMotion and then use it in Timeline (sequentially). So what you are requesting is to use Timeline and UMotion in parallel, correct?

I also see big workflow improvements in such a feature!  I will definitely experiment with this and see how far I can go but I can't promise anything right now as I'm not sure if Timeline is open enough (API wise) to get this done without a lot of compromises.

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Yes, that is correct. You can see the similliar workflow while using default unity's animation window: you click on an animation in timeline, choose "edit in animation window" and there you have it: scrubbing in animation window will update timeline's scrubber and modifying animation will instantly be reflected in timeline preview. I strongly think that this is going to be a major selling point if you could have a similliar workflow in umotion.
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Thanks for the info and I totally agree with you. I will give it a try the next days.

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