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The animation list should be better organized rather than a drop-down which can be very tedious when the number of clips grows big.

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thanks for your thoughts.

Could you propose how such an improved "clip selection UI" should look like to suffice your use case?

Best regards,

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Hey peter

Thanks for reply, I would like a pop-up window listed all animations in it with slider to the right to browse the whole thing and buttons to the bottom to close the window or open/duplicate/delete selected clip.

Double clicking a clip will open it or single click to select one like any other browser.

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Hey Jason,

thanks for explaining this request in more detail. I've put this on my internal "ideas for the future"-list and will keep it in mind. For the time being, I need to give other features (see Road Map) higher priority as I think that the current solution is good enough in most situations.

Best regards,


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Can you please at least sort the dropdown by name? I'm hitting around 30 animations and it's getting really hard to find them in the list by name.

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I'm currently working on a bigger internal change of the architecture that should greatly improve performance (when working with large animations or a huge number of animations). As this change is quite urgent I currently can't give the requested feature much priority, I hope you can appreciate.

Please note that I understand your situation and I haven't forgot about you. I'm just a one man army trying to do schedule my time smiley

Best regards,

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